I’d like to share with you some of the terrific links that I’ve found in both the “How To” and designer areas.

As cross stitch has progressed, many new finishing techniques are being employed to provide alternatives to just framing our finished pieces. Here are some links that I often use for reference to produce these projects. They are in no particular order but I hope that they’ll encourage you to try some new techniques.

Sharon has done an amazing “Dictionary of Stitches for Hand Embroidery and Needlework” that presents a huge number of specialty stitches which are discussed and illustrated with photographs.

Tintocktap does a good job with photographs on how to construct a 15 sided-biscornu.

Annette Wright shares with us her terrific instructions on how to finish a scissor fob. This is such a fun way to provide that special gift for a fellow stitcher or to dress up our favorite scissors. She also uses photographs to illustrate the technique.

What an amazing collection of links which direct you out onto the Web for finishing techniques for a number of projects: bellpulls to cording to lacing and framing. A great resource with a lot of options.

Hemstitching is a vital talent to have, especially when you’re stitching my “Variations” series. The specialty fabrics that have been used a models may not be available to you or may not be exactly what you’re looking for. Here is a fantastic online tutorial on not only how to do a lovely hemstitch but also gives some historical background on the technique. She also has a section which discusses stain removal. I leave it up to you as to which one you prefer

Katherine Young’s site for basic biscornu instructions is superlative. Clear and detailed photographs with step-by-step directions are easy to follow and will amaze you at how much fun a simple little biscornu can be. She also includes background information on biscornus which is very interesting.